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Protests by 20 international clothing brands free striking labour leaders - news

By Brian Collett —All the remaining labour leaders detained after unrest in Bangladesh’s garment factories are to be freed after protests by more than 20 international clothing...

business readies itself as China agrees reforms - news

Companies operating in China have been given until the end of this year to prepare for a new legislative regime designed to extend the protection of workers rights. The recently passed Labour...

tougher factory audits reveal European failings - news

An upgraded ethical supply chain auditing process now in use by the clothing retailer H&M has uncovered more serious breaches of workplace standards than its old methods – especially in...

ethical retailers will rely less on auditing supply chains - news

The audit-dominated era of ethical supply chain management has been declared dead by one of the most influential bodies in the field. The Ethical Trading Initiative, a 17-year old alliance of...

UN to review global compact - news

The United Nations has sent a clear signal that it intends to address weaknesses in its Global Compact on business behaviour by creating an advisory council to look at ways...

corporate responsibility in an economic downturn - news

The downturn poses a challenge to proponents of corporate responsibility, which has prospered in the long boom. How will it fare in recessionary times? The standard...

UN develops draft human rights code - news

United Nations officials will meet this month to put the final touches to a set of UN business guidelines on human rights. The guidelines, which have been drawn up under...

Nike outlines plan to improve conditions - news

Nike has announced a ‘remediation plan’ to deal with poor working conditions at its contract factories in Indonesia. The sports clothing manufacturer will introduce...

university adopts strong labour code - news

The University of California (UCLA) has adopted a new code of conduct designed to make sure its merchandise is not produced in sweatshops. A joint student and staff...

Workers Rights Consortium - companies

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