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ICL's 2013 Corporate Responsibility Report


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“Corporate responsibility and sustainability are today a part of every level of daily work at ICL. While environmental considerations are already integrated into the design phase, one produces a product that is effective both economically and environmentally throughout its life cycle - from reduced energy inputs and materials at the production phase, to end-of-life of the product for our customers.”
Asher Grinbaum, ICL’s EVP and Chief Operating Officer (COO)
ICL’s tradition of reporting, which began in 2006, continues to develop and improve every year, demonstrating the comprehensive operational strategy for sustainability and corporate responsibility that is being implemented at ICL. This report is the fourth written and published according to the international guidelines of the GRI. As in previous years, ICL aspires to expand and broaden the scope of the report and cover many more issues on the social and environmental elements of its operations, while ensuring compliance with reporting requirements and responding to indicators that are required by the protocol.
As a global company, ICL is continuously engaged in meeting the ever-growing needs created by the world’s rapidly increasing population. This breadth of activity allows ICL to offer appropriate solutions for the varying needs of humanity, through three critical end markets: Agriculture, Food and Engineered Materials.

The task of solving them are among the issues that can be read in detail in the report and include:

  • the critical need to produce increasing quantities of food without the availability of a corresponding increase in the amount of land allocated for agriculture;
  • the effort to protect open spaces;
  • the need to guarantee quality food for the world’s population;
  • to ensure a supply of engineered materials required to meet humanity’s most basic needs.

Report Highlights:

  • Updates on the improvement of ICL’s environmental performance thanks to its energy saving program
  • Information on new products with environmental benefits
  • Details on R&D activities related to recycling and improving environmental performance of products
  • A new graphic presentation on restoration during mining
  • A presentation on streamlining maritime and ground transportation in its supply chain
  • ICL’s activity and contribution to preserving the biodiversity in its work areas
  • Individual success stories in the areas of energy, water, sewage, air quality, waste, and meeting the Ministry of Environmental Protection new requirements
  • Current issues being addressed that were raised by ICL’s stakeholders
  • Details of new platforms for communicating with stakeholders

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