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Roger Aitken, analyst, interprets the September 2015 data

October 2015

Among UK Registered Funds, the £544.95m AXA Framlington Health R Inc fund once again top ranked overall out of 255 funds in the sector over the past one year to the end of August 2015 with a cumulative return of +26.06%. However, over the past three and five years it performed even more exceptionally with a robust +91.05% and +160.46%, respectively - ranking first both times.

The fund beat the £1,868.6m Robeco Lux-o-rente DH USD fund into second place by a fair margin with this fund posting +14.04% over the past 12 months versus +12.72%/171st rank over the past three years and +14.78%/149th over five.

Third from top by just a whisker was the £584.35m Pictet-Security P dy GBP fund, which posted +13.86% over the past one year (47.77%/19th over three years; 75.98%/17th rank over last five), followed by the £2,106.89m Pictet-Water HR USD fund in fourth on a past 12-month time horizon with +13.82% - against +63.30% over the past five years.

The bottom ranked fund for this sector was the £24.27m Sparinvest SICAV Ethical High Yield Value Bond EUR R fund with -31.08% over a past one-year horizon (-12.93% over past three years and -7.94% over past five). All of the bottom five funds here posted negative performances over the past year - ranging downwards from SUNARES with +25.65% (ranked 251st and 5th from bottom).

Within the US Mutual funds sector, the US$240.60m Brown Advisory Sustainable Growth I fund came top of 166 funds examined by Morningstar and posted a +10.19% performance over the past one year to date - versus +58.23% (9th rank) over the last three years.
Eventide Gilead N, a US$1,929.72m fund, which ranked top for the past one-year in the previous period under review to the end of this July, was runner up this time around over the past 12 months. Nevertheless, it was top over both the past three and five years on +93.49% and +179.12%, respectively.

In respective third, fourth and fifth from top positions on a past one-year view was Parnassus Endeavor Fund with +6.76% (versus +63.81% over past three years), Calvert Small Cap A fund just behind on +6.38% (+58.54 over three years) and the American Century NT Heritage Institution fund with +5.47% versus +48.06% over the last three years. Sector laggard came in Timothy Plan Emerging Markets A fund on -38.36% over the past year.

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