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British dispel ‘nimby’ reputation over green energy

More than half (53%) of UK households would support the construction of a wind turbine within two miles of their home, dispelling the general perception that Britain is a nation of ‘nimbys’ (‘Not In My Back Yard’).

The research into attitudes towards renewable energy by Co-operative Energy reveals widespread public support for local renewable energy projects in the wake of the Government’s decision to consult on the withdrawal of subsidies for community energy generation investment.

The poll of 2,000 UK adults, commissioned ahead of Community Energy Fortnight which starts this weekend (5 September), revealed that 78% would support local renewable energy projects, including wind turbines, that are owned and controlled locally with the profits generated benefitting the community.

Ramsay Dunning at Co-operative Energy said: “Our findings fly in the face of the general perception that Britain is a nation of ‘nimbys’ who object to wind turbines and other energy generation initiatives being located close to home.”

Support for solar is also strong. According to the poll, it’s the most popular form of electricity generation among the British public - 30% say it would be their preferred source and almost two thirds (65%) said they would support a solar farm project within two miles of their home.

Shale gas is the least preferred method of energy generation, with just 2% of public support.

Giles Bristow, director of programmes, Forum for the Future who act as Secretariat for the Community Energy Coalition, added: “This month’s Community Energy Fortnight is an opportunity to experience first-hand how communities can take control and go about owning, generating and saving energy. We would urge ministers and civil servants to take this opportunity and be inspired by the fantastic work going on across the country and reassess their current lack of support for community energy projects.”

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