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Interserve sets ambitious targets for reducing global environmental impact

July 2015

A reduction of 26% in energy emissions at UK sites was achieved last year by Interserve, the FTSE 250 support services and construction group.

Interserve, an international company with headquarters at Twyford, Berkshire, in the UK, lists the achievement in its annual report on progress towards the targets set in 2013 by its SustainAbilities plan.

In addition, it records a 4.3% reduction in water use from UK operations and a 10% cut in total construction waste, and reports that 80% of timber procured globally last year met the standards of the internationally recognised Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification and the EU’s Standing Forestry Commission.

The report gives the first performance data to assess against the 2013 baseline drawn by SustainAbilities, a plan with ambitious targets up to 2020, ultimately helping Interserve to manage risk and to increase opportunities for profitable growth.

More local employment last year is reported, which is in line with environmental transport principles and represents a service to the local community.

The company’s local involvement was marked further by the development in 2014 of its Social Value Mapping tool, which calculates how it can assist its host communities.

Interserve’s overall employment record in 2014 included 1,076 work placements for schoolchildren and the enrolment of 320 apprentices and graduates on early career programmes.

Turning to procurement policies, the report says sustainability and a supply chain code of conduct has been introduced to more than 1,500 subcontractors and suppliers.

Sustainability targets have now been added to the appraisal goals of 762 senior managers, and from this year the performance pay of Interserve chief executives and chief financial officers is being linked to those targets.

More targets are highlighted for action in 2016, 2018 and 2020.

By next year Interserve aims to cut water use by 20% and travel consumption by 30%. Within the next five years it wants to double opportunities for disadvantaged groups year on year, invest 2% of profits in its local communities, and increase its co-operation with suppliers.

Mat Roberts, Interserve’s director of sustainability strategy, said: “All this requires a huge amount of collaboration throughout the supply chain. It’s quite challenging.”

Tim Haywood, group finance director and head of sustainability, said of the report: “[It] demonstrates the many ways in which Interserve is a company that values more than just money.

“We are leading the debate in areas such as social value and apprenticeships. We have set ourselves ambitious targets for reducing our global environmental impact, including in our Middle East operations.

“Above all, we want to show that businesses that act responsibly can – and will – thrive.”

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