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Roger Aitken, analyst, interprets the April data

April 2015

Robeco Indian Equities D EUR Acc fund again top ranked amongst UK Registered Funds over the past year to 28 February 2015 with a cumulative return of +58.58% versus +47.47%/36th rank over the last three years.

In second place out of 244 funds for the past year was the Pictet Water-HR USD fund on +31.59% and ranked 15th (+53.99%) over the past three years and 22nd (+80.89%) over five-years. It was closely followed by Vontobel Sustainable Asian Ldrs (ex-Japan) A fund on +31.41% over the past one year.

Sparinvest SICAV Ethical HY Val Bond EUR R fund bottom ranked in this sector over the past 12 months on -30.11% - against -14.30%/227th over the last three years to date. The bottom five funds here - from SUNARES (-14.35%) down to Sparinvest SICAV Ethical - all posted negative performances over the past one year.

The US Mutual funds sector produced the best peer group average out of all five sectors analysed by Morningstar at +70.68% for the past five years.

Parnassus Endeavor Fund, which was ranked third over the past 12 months to end of January 2015, scooped the top spoils this time round with +20.32% out of 194 sector funds, followed by GuideStone Funds

Real Estate Secs Inv fund on +17.08% in second place (+37.60%/94th over last three years) and Ariel Investor with +16.90%
in third (+82.37%/2nd on the three-year view). Bottom of this sector was Guinness Atkinson Alternative Energy with -20.50% over the past year versus +7.00% (168th) over the past three years, while the Ave Maria Opportunity fund came second from bottom on -13.56% (+4.56%/176th over last three years).

The Robeco Institutional Liability Driven EurCor Govt Bond 40 fund dropped one spot over the previous month to second in the European Funds sector over the last one year with +71.20% (+85.21% over past three years).

AXA Framlington Health R Acc fund came fifth top with +46.50% on the past one-year view, but ranked top over both three and five years with +131.41% and +195.07%, respectively. MCO2 New Energy FEIF propped up the sector over the past year with a woeful -55.17% and over past five years did even worse (83.90%).
The European Funds sector produced the best peer group average overall for past three years (+39.71%), while the UK Individual Pensions sector posted the best peer group average of all the sectors over the past year with +27.37%.  

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