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Sexism scourge...

August 2013

Austerity measures and deepening economic crises across Europe are increasing cases of discrimination against women, a new study co-led by the University of Leicester has discovered.

Women are particularly missing out on bonuses and promotions, and discrimination based on prejudices and gender stereotypes is very much alive in EU countries, the researchers state.

One of the report’s authors Dr Caracciolo Di Torella said: “One of the most surprising factors has been to realise the negative impact role that gender stereotypes continues to play across Europe in the 21st century.This is particularly extreme in certain Member States such as Romania, where women in child-bearing years are simply not selected for a job or parents with prams are not welcomed into shops for fear of shoplifting.“

However, it seems also to apply to Member States where we generally think that gender equality is an uncontroversial state of play. In Sweden, for example, it is the opinion of the Equality Ombudsman that “young women are systematically discriminated against.”

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